PODCAST S02E05 (The Flash, Constantine, Selfie, Sleepy Hollow, Benched, Agents of SHIELD, Scandal and more!)

the flash podcastThis week, we discuss two upcoming premieres (NBC’s Constantine and USA’s Benched) as well as check in on a number of new and returning shows that have aired a few episodes at this point. Lively fun is had by all. Check it out and make sure to rate and review us on iTunes.


This Week’s Rundown:

1:00-13:30 Fall TV Ratings Winners/Losers/Surprises
13:30-23:00 Constantine
23:00-31:00 Benched
31:00-39:00 A to Z
39:00-47:30 Selfie
47:30-57:30 Mulaney
57:30-68:00 Scandal
68:00-83:00 Sleepy Hollow
83:00-92:00 Agents of SHIELD
92:00-106:00 The Flash
106:00-125:00 TV Introspection: TV Violence

Where Did Red Band Society Go Wrong?

Earlier this year, I found myself feeling very optimistic about the new teen hospital drama, Red Band Society. With elements of The Breakfast Club, the snarky humor of Glee and a whole lot of heart, the imperfect pilot showed enough promise that I felt confident in naming Red Band Society’s one of fall’s best. There was certainly enough potential in the show’s tone, execution and characters that I felt pretty good with that recommendation.

And then episode two happened.

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Review: The 100 Season 2 Premiere “The 48″

After watching last night’s premiere of The 100 and preparing to write this review, I went back and read what I had wrote regarding the season one finale and my feelings are pretty much the same. The 100 is darkly intriguing and deserves to be praised for its fearlessness but it’s also a bit too humorless for its own good. Almost all the core characters are defined enough for me to be relatively invested in their respective plights, but not enough for me to actually whole-heartedly care about them as people. Last night’s premiere found The 100 introducing some exciting new elements but, again, never managing to use all of its promising ingredients to their full potential.

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Review: The Flash “Things You Can’t Outrun”

Consider this my mea culpa.

For the second week in a row, The Flash has proven that my hesitation to commit fully to the hype surrounding the pilot was a pretty poor judgment on my part.

It’s certainly not that I ever disliked The Flash—quite the contrary. I thought the pilot was very good and extremely polished and I understood why people liked it so much. But as the rave reviews poured in, I more took the stance of “okay, okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves; this show is fine but it’s not that special.” I shortchanged the show and figured it would amount to far less than what these last two episodes have demonstrated the show is striving towards.

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Why This Agents Of SHIELD Skeptic Is Sticking With Season 2

I announced at the beginning of the season that Agents of SHIELD was on a five episode probation with me, meaning that it had five episodes to win me over or else I’d bail for good. You can read more thoughts about my issues with SHIELD HERE and in other past reviews but, long story short, I’ve found it underwhelming and even when it did get injected with some intrigue and energy (in the post-Winter Soldier episodes), I felt that it quickly settled back into the same silly, lackluster show it’d always been. I understand that many of you may have enjoyed those closing episodes of season one more than I (and some earlier too, for that matter) and I welcome your opinions (though I’ve had this discussion with SHIELD defenders ad nauseam, I’ll admit) but you won’t change mine. Season two debuted with an episode that, to me, fit the SHIELD status quo of having some action and peril but not actually providing me with anything that could actually be mistaken as fun or by improving the stiff cast of characters one iota.

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