PODCAST S02E06 (Jane The Virgin, Homeland, The Vampire Diaries, The McCarthys, TV Reboots and More)

jane the virginWe thought it’d be a shorter show this week but, as it would happen….it’s not. It never is. Haha, and we’re ok with that. We have some fun talks hear. Hope you enjoy. We’ll be off next week but back in two weeks with a really packed show.


This Week’s Rundown:

1:30-11:00 The McCarthys
11:00-28:00 Homeland
28:00-38:30 The Originals
38:30-48:30 The Vampire Diaries
48:30-82:00 Jane the Virgin
82:00-101:00 Upcoming TV Reboots-Good Idea/Terrible Idea
101:00-117:00 TV Introspection: Best/Worst TV Spin-offs/Reboots

Why You Need To Be Watching ABC’s Selfie

Selfie isn’t a perfect show by any means, but if we take an honest look at the first four episodes of many of our favorite comedies, it’s hard for a show to completely hone in on its humor in such a short amount of time. So for comedies, I typically find myself forgiving minor quibbles early on if I’m generally enjoying the show’s voice and heart and finding myself caring about the characters in such a short amount of time—which is absolutely the case with Selfie.

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Review: The Flash “Going Rogue”

The Flash has been an exciting and often times amusing thrill ride in its first three weeks on the air, so what could possibly make this winning formula even more enjoyable? Why, Felicity Smoak, of course. Arrow fan favorite, Emily Bett Rickards, guest starred tonight and she was, unsurprisingly, a terrific fit and a great addition to another really great episode.

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Grading Gotham: Thoughts On Every Episode So Far (Pilot, Selina Kyle, The Balloonman, Arkham, Viper and Spirit of the Goat)

The story of pre-Dark Knight Gotham has been unfolding on our television screens for six weeks now so I thought it’d be a good time to check in and see how it’s doing, particularly because next week’s episode, “Penguin’s Umbrella” is supposed to be a substantial one. There are a lot of things I’ve enjoyed about the show but it still has a lot to work on if it’s going to earn my full faith that it’s worth investing in long-term (although let’s be honest, I’m a glutton for punishment who will stick with this show even it starts to flat out suck). Here’s a bit of a progress report so far:

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Review: Jane the Virgin “Chapter Three”

Another week, another smart, funny, sweet installment of CW’s critically acclaimed series, Jane the Virgin. The good news is that the show has been picked up for a full season….the bad news is that not nearly enough people are watching and last night’s ratings really put it in dangerous territory even by CW standards. However, the other bit of good news is that The CW rarely airs a show that gets this much love from the critics so I would imagine that it has a longer leash than some of the other struggling series across the network, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still hound every one we know until they give this delightful little series a shot.

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