Superhero TV Progress Report: The Flash, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and Gotham

As I have confessed in the past, I’m not a comic book reader. I think I’d probably enjoy the medium and many people ardently tell me that the source material is even better than what ends up on screen, but I just haven’t found the time to squeeze in another source of entertainment into my life. So I stick with television.

And just as comic books have inspired a couple dozen handfuls of movies as of late, it’s beginning to build quite the presence on TV. There’s plenty more to come as Netflix gets in on the game with Daredevil next year and it has other Marvel series in development. Not to mention CBS’s Supergirl and Syfy’s Krypton and probably a few more that I’m forgetting at the moment. Point is, superheroes are making themselves at home on television and I’m generally finding myself enjoying the genre.

I thought I’d take a moment to check in on four that I’m currently watching (I bailed on Constantine after three episodes but despite being a DC property, it doesn’t feel like the same kind of show anyway) and share my two cents. With most shows checking out for a month or more following their fall finales, this seem like as good a time as ever to check in on this year’s class of superhero TV.

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PODCAST S02E08 (The Walking Dead, Gotham, Forever, HTGAWM, The Affair, Christopher Nolan Movies and more)

walking dead coda 4We’re back after a couple weeks off with a new podcast and we’ll be doing one more in two weeks to finish up the year. In this week’s podcast, we discuss the fall finales of Gotham, The Walking Dead and How to Get Away With Murder while we also branch out of television for long discussion on Interstellar and a definitive ranking of the Christopher Nolan films. We also check in on Forever, Mom, Homeland and The Affair. Enjoy and make sure to rank/review us on iTunes!

Come back tomorrow for my post on the Flash/Arrow crossover!

This Week’s Rundown:

2:00-14:00 Forever
14:00-23:30 Mom
23:30-35:30 Gotham
35:30-48:00 How To Get Away With Murder
48:00-59:30 The Walking Dead
59:30-70:00 The Affair
70:00-84:00 Homeland
84:00-125:00 Interstellar/Ranking of Christopher Nolan Films

Fall Finale Reviews: Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder

Here it is: the inaugural Monday post.

Well, it’s not my first Monday post but it is my first Monday post since downsizing to a weekly column. This week, I’ll be checking in on a few fall finales. There’s no podcast again this week because we just weren’t able to get one in before Thanksgiving but we’re gonna try really hard for next week.

I’ll also be doubling up on posts next week, covering The Walking Dead fall finale on Monday (and perhaps touching on a couple other shows) and sharing my review of The Flash/Arrow crossover event on Thursday. I’m having to slow down a bit but I promise there will start to be more coverage than there’s been the last couple of weeks.

And now, onto my thoughts on last week’s TGIT fall finales:

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The Future Of Untempered Television

Due to unforeseen circumstances and for the sake of my sanity, Untempered Television is going to look a little bit different moving forward.

I started this site at the very end of 2013 and have had a blast running it for past 11 months and don’t want it to end—so it’s not going to. At the same time, I’ve been running this site like a person who writes about television as their full-time job. I don’t. This is just for fun and while I do run Google Ads on the site, I probably make about 25 cents for every hour of work that goes into producing content. I’d love to watch and write as much as I have this whole past year but it’s a workload I can’t possibly keep up with while also doing work that actually pays me. Perhaps one day I’ll get paid to write about television, but for now, I have to make some changes….

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