NEW PODCAST-Summer Podcast S02E01-Mad Men, Gotham, Arrow, The Flash and TV Upfronts

The Untempered Television Podcast is back!

If you were a regular reader of the site, I’m sure you may have started to wonder, um…what happened to all the content?

a Mintz/AMCTruth is, I started this site as a fun side hobby a year and a half ago and soon let it become more like a full-time job and kind of burnt out in the process. After taking a step back for a few months, both Daniel and I agreed that we missed doing the podcast so we’re starting it back up. It will be a little more focused and we won’t attempt to cover as many TV shows as we possibly can, but I think if you liked it before, you’ll like what we’re doing now. We’ll be on a bit of an irregular schedule starting things out, but it will become a weekly occurrence again by mid-June. We wanted to be able to cover a few finales–especially Mad Men–so we recorded a podcast for this week, although our next one won’t be until Friday, June 12th. After that, we’ll have one up Monday, June 22nd and then start posting one every Monday or Tuesday from here on out (at least that’s the plan for now…).

As for the writing, like I said, this site became like a full-time job to me and so I don’t intend to start running it in the same way I did before. I am focusing on finishing up a couple novels of my own and that’s where I want to put my energy as far as writing is concerned. Still, I do plan to post the occasional feature–things like my dream Emmy ballot of the best episodes of the year list because I really enjoy doing them. So there will sporadically be written content posted but mostly this will just serve as the home of the podcast.

podcastLike I said, this week we wanted to weigh in on a few finales but decided to kick off the show with a few minutes of Upfronts talk. That few minutes turned into nearly an hour so we decided to post that as a separate podcast. If you want to listen to both, I encourage you to listen to that one first. Here it is:

As for the main event, this week’s rundown is:

0:00-17:30 Gotham
17:30-35:00 Arrow
35:00-60:30 The Flash
60:30-109:00 Mad Men

Enjoy and make sure to rate and review us on iTunes!

Review: ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat

Despite not having very much success with launching Tuesday night comedies (with everything from Selfie to Trophy Wife to Don’t Trust the B and Happy Endings all getting cancelled at various rates of swiftness), ABC’s gonna give it a shot again with the family sitcom, Fresh Off The Boat, inspired by Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name. I really hope the problematic time slot works okay for the show because it happens to be the best new network comedy of the season.

The Tuesday night timeslot really seems like a matter of not having anywhere else to put the show rather than a slight against it as ABC is spending the next week doing all it can to get Fresh off the Boat noticed. There are two episodes airing tonight (one at 8:30 and then one in the 9:30 post-Modern Family slot) as well as two episodes airing on Tuesday at 8 (it’s regular time slot) and 8:30. So within a week, you’ll have seen four episodes of the series and I imagine you’ll find it as funny and charming as I do.

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S02E12 Podcast (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Nightly Show, The X-Files Reboot, Heroes Reborn, The Interview and more)

A random hodgepodge of a show where we throw in on a two cents on a wide variety of shows and TV news.

Here’s the rundown

xfiles0:00-23:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Parks and Recreation
23:00-31:30 Marry Me
31:30-43:00 The X-Files reboot
43:00-55:00 Heroes Reborn
55:00-73:00 Fresh Off The Boat Behind The Scenes Drama
73:00-84:00 The Nightly Show
84:00-93:00 The Interview
93:00-100:00 Superbowl Predictions

S02E11 Podcast (12 Monkeys, Backstrom, Justified, Man Seeking Woman, Parks and Recreation and more)

justifiedThis week’s rundown:

0:00-15:00 Golden Globes TV wins
15:00-25:00 Togetherness
25:00-33:00 Man Seeking Woman
33:00-43:30 12 Monkeys
43:30-50:00 Episodes
50:00-59:30 Parks and Recreation
59:30-69:00 Glee
69:00-90:00 Justified
90:00-102:00 Backstrom


S02E10 PODCAST (Empire, Galavant, Agent Carter, Best and Worst TV of 2014 and more!)

empireFirst show of 2015! Here’s the rundown:
0:00-14:00 Homeland finale
14:00-30:00 The Affair finale
30:00-63:30 Best and Worst TV of 2014 (including one last argument about the HIMYM finale)
63:30-73:30 Galavant
73:30-80:00 Agent Carter
80:00-94:00 Empire


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