Why This Agents Of SHIELD Skeptic Is Sticking With Season 2

I announced at the beginning of the season that Agents of SHIELD was on a five episode probation with me, meaning that it had five episodes to win me over or else I’d bail for good. You can read more thoughts about my issues with SHIELD HERE and in other past reviews but, long story short, I’ve found it underwhelming and even when it did get injected with some intrigue and energy (in the post-Winter Soldier episodes), I felt that it quickly settled back into the same silly, lackluster show it’d always been. I understand that many of you may have enjoyed those closing episodes of season one more than I (and some earlier too, for that matter) and I welcome your opinions (though I’ve had this discussion with SHIELD defenders ad nauseam, I’ll admit) but you won’t change mine. Season two debuted with an episode that, to me, fit the SHIELD status quo of having some action and peril but not actually providing me with anything that could actually be mistaken as fun or by improving the stiff cast of characters one iota.

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Review: The Walking Dead “Strangers”

NOTE: This is a discussion of the TV SHOW ONLY; Please don’t mention any spoilers from the comics. Thanks!

After last week’s eventful Walking Dead premiere, it’s no surprise that “Strangers” was a largely quieter affair.  Still, it served to introduce us to a new character and set this season’s trajectory a little more clearly as well as feature a soggy zombie set piece that was as appropriately gross as it should have been. Here’s a few thoughts on this week’s slower episode:

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Review: The Good Wife “Shiny Objects”

After a truly terrific outing last week, tides quickly shifted on The Good Wife and the veteran series (that I almost always thoroughly enjoy) aired one of my least favorite episodes in recent memory. “Shiny Objects” is the type of Good Wife episode we get from time to time and it also happens to be my least favorite type; an episode that’s too proud of itself for the number of current cultural subjects its bringing to the table and the whimsy with which it’s delivered. Now, I know The Good Wife almost always features some sort of storyline alluding to a current hot button issue and plenty of whimsy to boot, the trick is not to get too distracted by your own cleverness and on its worst weeks (which again, are few and far between), The Good Wife does just that.

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PODCAST S02E04 (Arrow, The Walking Dead, How To Get Away With Murder, Kingdom, Gotham, Black-ish and more!)

arrow saraWe went a little long (okay…REALLY long) on a few segments so we cut out this week’s TV Introspection; we’ll get to it next week.

This week, we talk about some shows that recently got full season pick-ups and review premieres of some new and returning shows.

This Week’s Rundown:

3:00-15:00 Black-ish
15:00-33:00 How To Get Away With Murder
33:00-43:00 Gotham
43:00-54:00 Kingdom
54:00-64:00 Cristela
64:00-79:00 The Affair
79:00-87:00 The Walking Dead
87:00-96:00 About A Boy
96:00-135:00 Arrow