Fall Finale Reviews: Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder

Here it is: the inaugural Monday post.

Well, it’s not my first Monday post but it is my first Monday post since downsizing to a weekly column. This week, I’ll be checking in on a few fall finales. There’s no podcast again this week because we just weren’t able to get one in before Thanksgiving but we’re gonna try really hard for next week.

I’ll also be doubling up on posts next week, covering The Walking Dead fall finale on Monday (and perhaps touching on a couple other shows) and sharing my review of The Flash/Arrow crossover event on Thursday. I’m having to slow down a bit but I promise there will start to be more coverage than there’s been the last couple of weeks.

And now, onto my thoughts on last week’s TGIT fall finales:

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The Future Of Untempered Television

Due to unforeseen circumstances and for the sake of my sanity, Untempered Television is going to look a little bit different moving forward.

I started this site at the very end of 2013 and have had a blast running it for past 11 months and don’t want it to end—so it’s not going to. At the same time, I’ve been running this site like a person who writes about television as their full-time job. I don’t. This is just for fun and while I do run Google Ads on the site, I probably make about 25 cents for every hour of work that goes into producing content. I’d love to watch and write as much as I have this whole past year but it’s a workload I can’t possibly keep up with while also doing work that actually pays me. Perhaps one day I’ll get paid to write about television, but for now, I have to make some changes….

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PODCAST S02E07 (State of Affairs, Gotham, Arrow, How To Get Away With Murder, The Newsroom and more)

state of affairsThis Week’s Rundown:

0:00-7:00 Recent Cancellations/Other TV News
7:00-19:00 State of Affairs
19:00-40:00 How To Get Away With Murder
40:00-64:00 The Newsroom
64:00-79:30 Gotham
79:30-93:00 The Blacklist
93:00-102:00 Marry Me
102:00-128:00 Arrow

Thoughts on The Blacklist Mid-Season Finale (The Decembrist) And Season 2 So Far

The Blacklist has proved itself one of the biggest and most durable hits on NBC’s schedule but it’s now facing its biggest challenge to date. In order to use its Monday night post-Voice timeslot to launch a new series (State of Affairs starring Katherine Heigl; expect a full review later this week), The Blacklist is taking an early hiatus just eight episodes into its second season. It will remain off the schedule until Superbowl Sunday where it will air in the plum post-game slot before moving to its new home on Thursdays at 9pm. The network is hoping the audience will follow it there and give them a hit in a more competitive time slot that they’ve struggled in for years (after owning the night for a couple decades before that).

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Review: Arrow “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”

I don’t know if people ship hair colors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Team Brunette and Team Blonde pop up after tonight’s episode of Arrow.

After joining the show mid-way through season one, fan-favorite, Felicity, took center stage in tonight’s outing as a rogue super virus she’d designed in college was unleashed on the city just as her mom happened to drop in for a visit. The flashbacks also belonged to Felicity as well which means no trips to Hong Kong this week; I know, you’re so disappointed.

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