Untempered Television Podcast 12 (HIMYM Finale, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, #CancelColbert and more!)

This week’s rundown:

Last Forever Part One0:00-3:15 Intro/Overview
3:15-9:30 Surviving Jack (My review: http://www.untemperedtv.com/?p=701)
9:30-16:30 Friends With Better Lives (My review: http://www.untemperedtv.com/?p=732)
17:00-25:00 The Walking Dead Finale (My review: http://www.untemperedtv.com/?p=717)
25:00-39:30 Game of Thrones
39:30-51:00 The #CancelColbert Movement
51:00-62:00 Lightning Round-New David Duchovny Series, AHS:Freak Show, Scream Pilot at MTV and more
62:00-118:00 How I Met Your Mother Finale Heated Debate (My two posts- Original: http://www.untemperedtv.com/?p=725 and Extra Snarky: http://www.untemperedtv.com/?p=736

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